IDEA: To show the love moms have for the congestive healing power of Vicks Vapo-Rub.
VICKS SUBWAY AROMA TAKEOVER IDEA: Vicks VapoRub decongests one of the most congested passageways in the world – the underground pedestrian walkway between Times Square and Port Authority.
EXECUTION: Vicks VapoRub will sponsor a complete makeover of this corridor. Billboards will be removed, tiles scrubbed, floors and ceilings power washed, graffiti erased. The result? A new, spotless passageway for thousands of commuters to enjoy each day.
In addition, Vicks will take a unique and ownable approach to branding. Unlike the ubiquitous branding you normally see at a promotional ‘takeover’, Vicks will rely on the presence of the highly recognizable aroma of VapoRub to brand this effort.

Vicks messaging will be reinforced further with PR and on-site handouts: “If Vicks VapoRub can decongest this passageway, imagine what it can do for yours.”
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